Fiddler on the Roof follows the life of Tevye, a poor milkman in the Village of Anatevka, who attempts to maintain his Jewish religious and cultural traditions as outside influences and the growing anti-Semitism of Czarist Russia encroach upon his family’s lives. These traditions, which passed down by each generation, can be the most influential and divisive attributes of who we are. Fiddler on the Roof and its themes are more relevant today, than ever before. SMCT is thrilled to have the opportunity to tell this story on our humble stage.

We are excited to bring this production to life with the help of our Cultural Consultant and Dramaturg, Shana Eisenberg. She has helped us approach this production with authenticity and respect for Jewish culture.

Performances were held April 25th-28th and May 2nd-5th, 2024.

Production Staff
DirectorVanessa M. H. Powers
Assistant DirectorKate Callen
Music DirectorRosalee Allard
Technical DirectorJames Erickson
ChoreographerAnne Brown
Production DirectorAbigail Blue
Costume DesignAbigail Blue, Kate Callen, Vanessa M. H. Powers,
Laura Wacker-Hansen
Media AdvisorChristine Janiak

Fiddler on the Roof – Digital Program

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Cast | Production Team | Crew
Pit Orchestra | Original Artistic Team


Aubree Allen (Ensemble) is a student at PiM Arts High School. Previous credits include Jesus Christ Superstar, Big Fish, and Wizard of Oz. Aubree really enjoys creative writing and dancing along with cooking, baking, and taking care of all 6 of her pets. “Thank you for supporting amazing community theater, and I hope you enjoy seeing all our amazing cast and crew members put on this wonderful show!

Ella Anderson Nekora (Ensemble) is a student at Columbia Academy middle school here in Columbia Heights. Ella really wants to get more involved in the arts when they grow up, so really anything under that category they’d be happy to work with. This is their first year at SMCT. Ella’s recent shows are Little Red Riding Hood (Tracker), The Lion King (crew), and The SpongeBob Musical (Electric Skate Boy Band + ensemble). Ella likes making art and listening to music in their free time and loves going to concerts “Shout out to my family and my therapist (Alissa, you’re the best). Enjoy the show!!

Abigail Blue (Ensemble) spends her day working at the Department of Revenue. This is her Sixth show with SMCT, previous productions include Beauty and the Beast, Big Fish, and Bright Star. Abigail wants to say a huge thank you to everyone who gives their time and talents to make these shows possible. But the biggest thank you to her husband who supports her no matter how many projects she is working on! “Seven years ago, I fell in love with this program and the people who make it special. I hope they capture your heart as well. Enjoy the show!

Elle Bradd (Ensemble) is a student at PiM Arts High School. She loves to read, write, and draw! Elle loves those things even more when there’s a storm going on outside- she also spends a lot of time stargazing.  “Thank you so much for seeing the show! It was so much fun to work on and to celebrate my heritage uniquely. I’m so grateful to everyone in the cast, and of course to the directing team. Everything was approached with so much love and respect, and we formed a very safe space. Shoutout to the Allen family, all the folks at CA, (and Pip+Needy! Love you guys) and OF COURSE, my family. Love you all!

Helen Collins (Ensemble) works for Capella University and has been with them for the past four years. Previous credits include Joseph & the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Jesus Christ Superstar, and Twelfth Night. When not on stage, Helen loves to write poetry, draw, and sing karaoke. She also likes to watch a lot of horror movies. “I am so grateful to this cast and all the leaders and volunteers who made this work possible. I was recently blessed to marry my sweetheart from another country and spiritual context, so I feel a deep resonance with the joys and struggles of the characters in this show, choosing love despite challenges while still maintaining one’s values and connections to family. This play is especially important in our current context as we seek to prevent violence against those “othered” within our society and form connections across differences. We must all be students of history and resist injustice in our own time.

Tom Condie (Ensemble) Tom started acting late in life, his stage debut wasn’t until he was in his 40s. Now in his 60s and retired, he is back for his long-anticipated 2nd stage appearance. Tom has found the theater community to be a joyful and welcoming group and has relished the opportunity to be on stage with his son Xander.

Xander Condie (Motel) is thrilled to be returning to the SMCT stage after his debut in Jesus Christ Superstar (2023). “As the Good Book says – give us the cure, we have the sickness already”.

Chris Dansby (Mordcha) has worked in Sales and Marketing for Graco Inc. for 12 years. Previous credits include Malice and Mischief: A Villainous Cabaret, Last Supper, and West Side Story. Chris is an avid cribbage player in his free time. “Thank you very much for coming to see our show and supporting St. Matthew Community Theater!!

Isaiah Dietz (Perchik) is a local musician and songwriter. Previous credits include Jesus Christ Superstar (Peter), Malice and Mischief: A Villainous Cabaret (Ensemble) and Mary Poppins (Bert). In his free time, Isaiah enjoys watching films, rehearsing with his band, and procrastinating on his website. “Surround yourself with people that make you better!

Julie Erickson (Tzeitel) works in fundraising and copywriting for an animal welfare nonprofit. Previous credits include Jesus Christ Superstar – Apostle (SMCT), Bright Star – Margo (SMCT), and the Spitfire Grill – Percy (Cross Community Players). Julie has a side gig as a metalsmith and in whatever remaining free time she has, she likes crafting, working on film crew sets, along with hanging out with her husband and their two cats and dog. “Thank you so much for supporting local theater and enjoy the show! I hope you love it just as much as we’ve loved creating it.

Mason Esposito (Yussel) works as a therapist and has done so for 2 years. This is their first show with SMCT! Mason likes to bake, read, and spend time with their friends. A fact about Mason is that they are originally from New Jersey! “Thank you to my friends and family for coming to support our show! This show remains impactful and relevant, even 70 years later, and I am so grateful to everyone who comes to see it!

Andrea Geer (Ensemble) is an engineering manager at Seagate Technology, where she has worked for over 20 years. This is her second St. Matthew’s show and was in Jesus Christ Superstar last year. Andrea loves to travel with family, especially to Europe, and is a singer with a local band. “Thanks for supporting community theater! I hope you enjoy the show!!

Savannah Geer (Shprintze) is a student at Chippewa Middle School. Previous credits include Legally Blonde Jr., Into the Woods Jr., and The Little Mermaid Jr. When not on stage, Savannah throws discus and shotput in her school’s track and field program. “This show is full of amazing and talented people. I know you’re gonna love it.

Sydney Haessly (Chava) is a Senior Strategist at space150 and has been there for 3 years. Previous credits include Jesus Christ Superstar (SMCT), Legally Blonde (Community Cross Players), Spring Awakening (UW-Green Bay Theatre & Dance) “I am honored to be a part of Tevye’s story of resiliency and love in the face of hardship. This show, and the history it represents, demands that we have empathy for anyone violently removed from their home. I hope this production inspires reflection on building a world of greater peace and justice – one where a pogrom or Nakba is a nightmare no people have to face.

Meridy Haller (Bielke) is a fifth-grade student at Waite Park Elementary and this is her first theatrical production. In her free time, Meridy likes singing and dancing, rollerblading, playing soccer, tennis, and basketball. She also likes writing short stories, traveling, and spending time with her family, friends, and pets, especially her hamster, Lou Lou. She has been reenacting her favorite Disney scenes since she was age two and has since discovered her love for the stage while participating in theater and improv after-school programs. Meridy hopes to be involved in musical theater as she enters sixth grade at St. Anthony Middle School next fall.

Adam Hebeisen (Fyedka) is the musical theater director at Alice Smith Elementary and has been there for 4 years. Previous credits with SMCT include Big Fish, Bright Star, and Jesus Christ Superstar. In his free time, he enjoys watching and reading One Piece, playing commander on Saturdays, making music with friends, and painting nerdy paintings. “Go read One Piece after the show!

Jim Hebeisen (Tevye) is the Principal at Tanglen Elementary School and has been for eleven years. Previous SMCT credits include Big Fish (Edward Bloom), Bright Star (Mayor Dobbs), and Jesus Christ Superstar (Ensemble). In his spare time, Jim likes to hike and play board games with his family. Jim would like to thank his wife, Sue, for her ongoing support of his theatrical endeavors. He also wants to thank Dari and Deron for helping him to memorize his lines!

John Hensel (Rabbi) is happily retired after 42 years with the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency and busy as ever! Previous credits include Mary Poppins, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and Newsies with Saint Anthony Community Theater. John’s hobbies include Family, biking, golf, travel, singing, and photography. He loves to sing now but did not start singing until after the age of 50 at Nativity Lutheran Church. “The cast and team for Fiddler are awesome!

Melba Hensel (Ensemble) is retired after 43 years as an environmental professional. Previous credits include Into the Woods (SACT), Willie Wonka (SACT), and Hair (Theatre 55). Melba has been a percussionist for more than 65 years and this is her second time in Fiddler on the Roof. “It is a moving and important show for any era in history telling a story of people displaced by government edict, war, and religious or racial discrimination. Thank you for coming and giving us a chance to tell you that story.

Brenda Hugo (Grandma Tzeitel) is the Children’s Ministries Coordinator at St. Matt’s and a receptionist at Washburn McReavy Funeral Chapels. Brenda has been in most of the SMCT productions since 2004 with her favorite role being the Wicked Witch in The Wizard of Oz. She likes to spend time with her three grown sons and now TWO grandchildren. In addition, Brenda likes to hunt agates (and tumble them), read mysteries, and go mild water kayaking. “Thanks for coming! Shalom!!

Christine Janiak (Frumah-Sarah) is the Gifts Manger at a local disability non-profit and has worked in fundraising for close to 10 years. Previous credits include Jesus Christ Superstar (Judas), Legally Blonde (Paulette), and Brigadoon (Meg Brockie). When not on stage at SMCT, Christine can be found relaxing at home with her husband of almost five months, Isaiah, and their two rambunctious pups, Remy & Iver. “THANK YOU for supporting SMCT! This group truly embodies the idea of community, and we are thrilled to bring Fiddler to our humble gymnasium stage.

Paul Johnson (Ensemble) is retired. His previous credits include Beauty and the Beast and Joseph with SMCT. Paul’s favorite show was The Drowsy Chaperone with Mounds View Community Theater. In his free time, Paul enjoys hiking, skiing, tennis, and music (community band). When it comes to his experience in Fiddler, he says, “Good show, nice people. Enjoy the show!

Janelle Karlsrud* (Sasha / Dance Captain) Janelle is excited to be returning to the SMCT stage. Previous credits include Joseph (Narrator), Bright Star (Alice), Jesus Christ Superstar (Mary Magdalene). In her free time, Janelle enjoys acting, making music, and putting on shows with her incredibility talented friends! She would like to thank her family and friends for their love and support. Special thanks to her husband, Jorgen (The Constable) – “I am so proud of you!” And to her son, Oscar – “Thank you for bringing me flowers and letting me sing with my friends!” Janelle is honored for the opportunity to bring Vanessa’s vision of Sasha to life in this production as a Ukrainian woman.

Jorgen Karlsrud (Constable) has been Account Director on behalf of the Ford Motor Company (Twin Cities) for 8 Years. Previous credits include Curtain puller for Frosty the Snowman – Sunnyside Elementary (1994) and is a first timer with St. Matthew Community Theater. Jorgen enjoys spending time with his wife, Janelle and their son, Oscar – whether it be at the pool practicing our jumps, kickball in the front yard or re-learning how to make the “most awesome-est Lego battle machines.” He also enjoys golfing with his buddies, listening to music and picking up the guitar. “After a 21-year hiatus from any stage (High School Choir), I am excited to join this wonderfully talented group for my SMCT debut with Fiddler on the Roof, much to the encouragement of my buddy Travis, and my wife, Janelle. A huge thank you to everyone behind the scenes helping along the way to make this possible – the crew, our families, and our friends as we navigated a way to make this work with “mommy and daddy singing with their friends.” As they say, ‘Luck favors the prepared.’ – Here we go!

Josh Krauskopf (Avram) works at Medtronic and has been with them for nearly three years. Previous SMCT credits include Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Levi), Big Fish (Zacky Price), and Bright Star (Stanford). In his free time, Josh enjoys hiking, photography, juggling, reading, and all the online word games he can find. “Thank you for coming out! This show has timeless messages that seem even more relevant in today’s world, and it’s an honor to be a part of telling the story.”

Patti Kretschman (Ensemble) is a student at Agamim Classical Academy. Previous credits include Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and The Boy Who Cried Wolf at Top Hat Theater. Patti likes painting, singing, arts and crafts, games, and reading. She also enjoys camping and other activities with her BSA Scouting Troop. “Thanks for coming! I really hope you enjoy the show!

Allie Kroehler (Hodel) is the Music Teacher, Choir Director, and Theater Director at Saint Vincent de Paul Catholic School, (7 years), the JV Show Choir Director at Totino Grace High School, (3 years), and works as a Teaching Artist with Lyric Arts, (1 year). Previous credits include Newsies (Katherine Plumber), Little Women (Jo March), and Hairspray (Tracy Turnblad). Outside of performing, Allie likes to spend time with friends and family, read, play her guitar, and travel. She has a beagle named Boomer, her favorite color is green, and her favorite food is chips and queso. “At the heart of this show is a community of characters who, despite hardship, care so deeply for one another. I hope you enjoy spending time with these characters as much as we do! Much love to my friends and family who are always a constant source of love and support.

Elin Larson (Ensemble) is an eighth grader at Hopkins North Middle School with plans to participate in the high school’s theater program next year. Making her SMCT debut, Elin has been in multiple dance shows, voice recitals, and recently played Pepper and Duffy in a production of Annie. One thing she loves to do in her free time is dance, taking classes throughout the week. Something not many people know about Elin is that one of her biggest dreams is to go to a performing arts high school for dance, singing, and acting. “One message I would say to the audience is that I really hope you enjoy this show. All of the performers you will see have dedicated their time out of the past few months to put together this show. From the bottom of my heart, I really hope you love this show all about tradition and hope even in the darkest of times.

Trisha Larson (Nachum) is an interior designer and real estate design consultant. This is her first show with SMCT and her first time back on stage in almost 30 years! Fiddler on the Roof was the first musical she saw as a young child and has been hooked on musical theater since! “It is a dream come true to come full circle by being a part of this production and to also have the opportunity to share the stage with my daughter Elin who shares my love of theater!

Amanda Madison (Ensemble) is the Director of Rehabilitation at a TCU in St. Paul. This is her first show with SMCT! Previous credits include Grease (Frenchy) with SOAR, Footloose (Ensemble) with CCP, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (Mrs. Potiphar) with OBMT. Amanda loves to read and cuddle with her two doggos! A fun fact about her is that she is fluent in American Sign Language! “I am so honored to share this story with an incredibly talented cast! Enjoy your time in Anatevka! Special thank you to my husband and family for the continued support!

Marissa Moeller (Ensemble) is a dental hygienist when not on stage and has been with SMCT since 2019. This will be her third production with the group, having previously appeared in Big Fish and Bright Star. Her free time is typically split between traveling and spending long days hanging out at home with her husband and their cat. She hopes everyone will find a way to connect with Fiddler on the roof, especially in a world today where division is too common, and perspective is often scarce.

Travis Nordgaard (Russian Soldier) is a Real Estate Developer at Life Time Athletic and has worked in finance / real estate for the past 10 years. Close friends and fellow cast members inspired Travis to return to the stage for the first time since high school! He played Prof. Harald Hill in Canby MN high school’s production of The Music Man (2007) and the villain, Bill Sykes, in Oliver (2008). Away from the office you can catch him spending as much time as possible with his fiancé, family, and friends at the lake! “It’s been an absolute privilege joining such a talented cast and crew in this powerful, still very relevant production. I hope the audience enjoys the show and feels the magic, energy, and talent of this wonderful crew!

Dana Oxendale (Shaindel) works at Renovated Minds and has been a Marriage & Family Therapist for 13 years. This is her debut show with St. Matthew Community Theater. Previous credits include Fiddler on the Roof, Annie, and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Dana likes to play tennis, read, spend time with family, and travel. “After an over 20-year absence from the stage, returning to join this cast and crew of Fiddler on The Roof with St. Matthew Community Theater has been a true blessing. Thank you for supporting local theater and enjoy the show!

Emily Paterson (Ensemble) works at Western EcoSystems Technology and has been there for one and a half years. Previous SMCT credits include Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and Bright Star. In her free time, Emily enjoys karate, reading, and arts & crafts. “Thank you everyone for coming to see the show, especially to my mom, my grandma, my aunt, my fiancé Ryan, and the rest of his family.

Sarah Quinn (Fiddler / Orchestra) is a legal assistant and has been working at Richard J. Cohen LLC for two and a half years. This is her second show with SMCT; her debut being Jesus Christ Superstar (Apostle & Ensemble). Previous credits include The Crucible (Martha Corey & Ensemble) and The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (Violinist & Ensemble). The first time she saw Fiddler on the Roof live was at the Ordway in 2021. She wants to give a huge thank you to her fiancé John, and friends (in this little town of Anatevka and beyond) for their encouragement and acclaim. And to her parents for instilling a love of music at a very early age.

Katri Reko (Ensemble) is ecstatic to be in this production with her mom, Yana, after having last been in Big Fish with SMCT as an introduction to theater. Previously, she has taken part in Something Rotten (Ashland Productions), Les Misérables (Blue Water Theatre), and Maybe (Stages Theater Company), as well as many others in the Minneapolis area. Outside of theater, she loves playing piano, being with friends and family, and being barefoot outside. “I hope you enjoy this production as much as I have!! p.s. thanks for everything Hnp2 McBlwtrch!

Yana Reko (Yente) is thrilled to be back on the SMCT stage with her daughter Katri. Yana (or Yante, as her iPhone now autocorrects her name to) is herself a Jewish immigrant from Ukraine. She grew up surrounded by real life characters that may as well have stepped right out of Annatevka, starting with her grandfather, the ultimate Tevye with his sayings and his waxing philosophical and his enormous pride in his people. Yente has been a dream role for her, and she is grateful for the chance to connect deeper to her roots through this timeless story. Outside of theater, Yana is either infusing chemo and other drugs at work, entertaining senior citizens with her family as part of KAYR Tones, discovering new coffee shops with old friends, cooing at her poodle, drinking tea in her mother’s kitchen, or enroute to an even more amazing beach. She is grateful to her family for always believing in her and encouraging her to follow her passions.

Tyler Rosenberg (Mendel) is in his 4th year of teaching reading skills to elementary students in ISD 622. Fiddler on the Roof is Tyler’s SMCT debut, with previous credits including Grease (Kenickie), Little Shop of Horrors (Audrey 2 Puppeteer), and Joseph (Asher). In his free time, Tyler enjoys playing D&D and ringing handbells at his church. “Enjoy the show!

Lizzy Schroeder (Ensemble) is excited to join SMCT in her first production with the company! Lizzy and her dog, Teddy, moved to the Twin Cities in 2023 after living abroad in England the last two years. Her performing past has included working as a Music Director and Soprano at Cathedrals/Churches and performing in musicals/operas (most recently as Johanna in Sweeney Todd with Buxton Opera Company). Lizzy received her Masters of Music in Vocal Performance in 2021 from Chicago College of Performing Arts. She would like to thank the St Matthew’s company for accepting her with open arms!

Flora Sherr-Nelson (Ensemble) is a cake decorator. Previous credits include Cabaret, Proof, and Argonautika (UW River Falls Theatre). In their spare time, Flora likes to crochet and read!

Laura Wacker-Hansen (Golde) is the Assistant Director of Nutrition Services for a large suburban school district. Previous credits include Big Fish (SMCT) and Jesus Christ Superstar (SMCT). Out of all the roles she has played, Laura’s favorite is the one she gets to play every day – being a mom to her daughter Daphne, and partner to her husband Garrett. Laura would like to thank her family for supporting her love of theater, music, and performance and SMCT for providing a safe and inclusive space for people to pursue their love of art. This performance is dedicated to her own strong and loving Golde – her mom, Julie.

Michael Whalen (Lazar Wolf) works at Amazon Web Services, Inc. and has been there for 6 years. Previous credits include Shrek (CVFT), Little Women (CVFT), and Fiddler on the Roof (West Publishing Company). In his free time, Mike enjoys playing the piano in an R&B band, The Stand Ups, and a jazz combo named The Barn Cats. “My wife Kim and I are delighted to be a part of St. Matthew Community Theater’s production of Fiddler on the Roof. We met in a production of Fiddler almost 30 years ago, playing Fyedka and Shprintze. We love this show and the theater company, and now can sing ‘Sunrise, Sunset’ with a whole new perspective.

Kimberly Whalen (Ensemble) is a software engineer and has worked for OptiMine Software since 2013. While new to SMCT, Kim is familiar with the stage. Performing this show with her husband, Mike, is very nostalgic as they met in the cast of a Fiddler production and are celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary this year! Another favorite community theater experience was performing together along with her three children in Chaska Valley Family Theatre’s 2015 production of A Christmas Story. “Thanks for supporting community theater!


Rosalee Allard (Vocal Director) is the Lower School and Middle/Upper School band teacher at New Life Academy and is just about to finish her 9th year of teaching. This is her first time being behind the scenes at SMCT but has been an audience member for many years! Rosalee has been music director for many shows across the twin cities and at her school. Top shows she has music directed include The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Anastasia, and Children of Eden. She loves to read and veg out at home between work and music directing but loves to travel (made her first trip to Disney World this past fall!), spend time with her family (shout out to her niece and nephew!) and learn as many Disney songs and musical numbers as she can in her spare time! “Thank you so much for coming to see our take on this classic musical! The music is iconic, and I hope you go home humming one of these familiar tunes. Mazel tov!

Anne Brown (Choreographer) is delighted to be returning as the choreographer this season! Anne has choreographed SMCT’s productions of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and last year’s Jesus Christ Superstar. When Anne is not choreographing, she is performing on stage with various theatre companies and with her band Six to Midnight. She is also a freelance costumer around the Twin Cities. She hopes you enjoy this beautiful story.

Kate Callen (Assistant Director) is happy to be back for her fifth production with SMCT. She has been previously seen onstage in Big Fish and Jesus Christ Superstar, acted as Assistant Director for Bright Star and directed the fall fundraiser Malice and Mischief: A Villainous Cabaret. She has worked with many theaters around the Twin Cities but cherishes the community she has found at SMCT. Many thanks to Vanessa for being her director-in-crime and as always, love to Ferg.

James Erickson (Technical Director) is a skilled builder who works for Target during the daytime. James is also very tall. He did not write his own bio.

Gabriel Gomez (Scenic Designer) is a talented designer, painter, and overall, a stellar human being. Previous SMCT credits include Big Fish (Edward Bloom), Bright Star (Jimmy Ray Dobbs), and Jesus Christ Superstar (scenic design). He also did not write his own bio.

Erin Larson (Rehearsal Accompanist/Keys) is a pianist with various theaters around the Twin Cities and is happy to be back playing her second show with SMCT! She loves live theater for its dynamic, collaborative nature and appreciates the passionate people who bring it together. An engineer by day, Erin notes that an audience is much easier to gather for a musical than for a math problem… She thanks you for supporting the arts in your community and is excited to share some music with you!

Kevin Lindee (Stage Manager) is not a stranger to the stage as his 18+ years of past performances includes singing, acting, dancing, and choreography. Lately, he has been ‘the man behind the scenes’ serving as a stage manager with various theater companies around the Twin Cities, including joining the artistic staff at SMCT again as SM for Fiddler on the Roof. In addition to performing, Kevin is a busy guy juggling two additional jobs including managing a coffee shop and operating his own boutique dessert concierge catering company called Ganache: Desserts and Confections. If free time is remotely within his daily schedule, Kevin enjoys staying busy by trying new restaurants, playing tennis, Zumba, international traveling, and being with friends.

Vanessa Magowan Horrocks Powers (Director) is a freelance filmmaker and video editor, and has her own production company, the Oxford Comma Film Cooperative. Vanessa has been directing at SMCT for 10 years!!! “I’ve loved each and every show I have been a part of – I can’t even pick my top 3. They have all been special and represented growth as an artistic organization. That makes me so proud!” In addition to SMCT, Vanessa loves her French Bulldogs, friends and family, coffee, and making art. “Thanks for being with us, here in our little village of ‘Anatevka.’ I hope this show transports you, entertains you, makes you feel, and makes you think.

Andrew Wager (Pit Conductor) is once again using his baton to lead our pit orchestra. While he has played in many SMCT shows, last year he made his debut as conductor for Jesus Christ Superstar. During the day, Drew is the Music Director for St. Matthew Lutheran Church. He too did not write his bio.


Natalie Metzig (Tech Crew)

Brooke Sniezek (Tech Crew) is a student at Oak View Middle School. Previous credits include Jesus Christ Super Star, Rainbow Fish, and A Little Bit of Magic. Brooke likes to play video games and bake. “Enjoy the show!

Jason Zemke (Tech Crew) has worked for Three Rivers Park District for 20 years! Jason has been on the tech crew with SMCT since 2008. Favorite shows include Beauty and the Beast, Big Fish, and Bright Star. In his spare time Jason enjoys reffing soccer, reading, golfing, and bowling. “Thank you for your continued support of our community theatre. Enjoy the show!


Jennifer Albright (Clarinet) is thrilled to be making her debut with St. Matthew’s in the orchestra.   She was a four year member of the St. Olaf Band at St. Olaf College and currently is a member of the Minnesota Symphonic Winds. She’s been performing in local theater productions since 2007 and some of her favorite shows have been Jesus Christ Superstar and Ragtime. Currently she lives with her two spoiled cats and works as a senior data analyst at UnitedHealthcare. Jennifer is playing clarinet the second weekend.

Aaron Barrett (Accordion)

Walter Bauman (Drums/Percussion) is his 3rd show with SMCT with previous credits including Jesus Christ Superstar and Malice and Mischief: A Villainous Cabaret. He also performs in two local rock bands and a number of other community theater productions. “Heaven bless you both; na zdrowie.

David Downing (Cello)

Christine Eid (Flute) is a retired children’s minister and is excited to be back in St. Matthew’s pit and playing for Fiddler. Christine has played in many of St. Matthew’s shows, as well as other community theatres around the Twin Cities. When not playing flute, Chris enjoys gardening, quilting and teaching music at a local preschool. “Enjoy the show!

Mandy French (Trumpet) will be playing in our pit for the second weekend of performances.

Beth Henningsen (Violin)

Eric James (Clarinet, 1st Weekend) has been playing clarinet for 30 years.  He has performed with the South of the River Youth Orchestra, St. Olaf Norseman Band, and All-State groups.  He’s an avid community band participant having played in San Francisco L/G Freedom Band/Marching Band and marched at NYC WorldPride 2019 with DC’s Different Drummers.  He currently plays clarinet in the Minnesota Freedom Band, City of Lakes Community Band, and Northeast Community Band.   You may spot him in pit orchestras in the Twin Cities, occasionally composing music, and even taking out his elusive alto clarinet.

Devin Kass (Trumpet)

Matt Pollum (Guitar) is very excited to return to SMCT after playing in last year’s production of Jesus Christ Superstar.  A singer/actor by trade, he has really come to enjoy stretching a different muscle playing guitar in the pit, especially in a show he loves so dearly!  As a self-taught guitar player, Matt is so thankful to be welcomed back to continue to grow as a musician in all facets!

Trevor Woggon (Bass)


JERRY BOCK was born in New Haven, Connecticut on November 23rd, 1928. That was his first out-of-town tryout. Thirty years later, he and Sheldon Harnick gave birth to The Body Beautiful in Philadelphia. That was his fourth out-of-town tryout. In between was Catch a Star, a fleeting revue that, according to critic Walter Kerr, posed the question; “What do you call something between a flop and a smash?” Kerr’s answer? “A flash”. Next, Jule Styne and Tommy Valano midwifed Bock, Larry Holofcener and George Weiss into birthing Mr. Wonderful starring Sammy Davis Jr. The title song and “Too Close For Comfort” are still active off springs. Bock and Harnick’s celebrated collaboration yielded five scores in seven years. The Body Beautiful, Fiorello! (winner of Broadway’s triple crown: The Tony Award, The New York Critics’ Circle Award and The Pulitzer Prize in drama, the fourth musical to do so). Tenderloin, She Loves Me – (winner of Variety’s poll of critics as best musical, citing Bock and Harnick as best composer and lyricist). Fiddler on the Roof – (nine Tonys, notably the citation for best musical of the year), The Apple Tree and The Rothschilds. In addition to the 1989 silver anniversary production of Fiddler (from which a major excerpt was featured in Jerome Robbins’ Broadway), a highly esteemed revival of The Rothschlds enjoyed a successful run off-Broadway the following year. Since then, Bock and Harnick were triply honored by being inducted into the Theater Hall of Fame, receiving the Johnny Mercer Award from the Songwriters Hall of Fame and the Spirit of American Creativity Award from the Foundation for a Creative America. But the “award” that Bock held near and dear was the honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree from the University of Wisconsin. It was there that he met his wife Patti, and it was there that he decided to be a composer. Mr. Bock was a member of a number of professional guilds and associations, among which the BMI Foundation, Inc. was a membership he relished. As for Patti, his wife, George, their son and Portia, their daughter, Bock confessed they were his longest running hit. Jerry Bock passed away in 2010.

SHELDON HARNICK’s career began in the 1950s with songs in revues (e.g., “The Boston Beguine,” “The Merry Little Minuet”). With Jerry Bock he created a number of memorable musicals, including Fiorello! (Tony Award, Pulitzer Prize), Tenderloin, She Loves Me (Grammy), Fiddler on the Roof (Tony), The Apple Tree, and The Rothschilds (subsequently revised as Rothschild & Sons). Other collaborations: Rex (Richard Rodgers), A Christmas Carol (Michel Legrand), A Wonderful Life (Joe Raposo), The Phantom Tollbooth (Arnold Black, Norton Juster), and The Audition (Marvin Hamlisch). He wrote three musicals himself: Dragons, A Doctor in Spite of Himself, and Malpractice Makes Perfect.

JOSEPH STEIN won the Tony Award and Drama Critics Circle Award for Fiddler on the Roof. His other musicals include Zorba (Tony nomination, Drama Critics Circle Award); Rags (Tony nomination); The Baker’s Wife (Olivier Award nomination, London); Take Me Along (Tony nomination); Juno; Irene (starring Debbie Reynolds); Tache King of Hearts; All About Us; and Enter Laughing: The Musical (Lucille Lortel nomination, outstanding revival). He also co-authored, with Alan Jay Lerner, Carmelina; and with Will Glickman, Mr. Wonderful (starring Sammy Davis, Jr.), The Body Beautiful, andPlain and Fancy. His plays are Enter Laughing, Before the Dawn, and Mrs. Gibbons’ Boys. Stein grew up in the Bronx and first became a social worker while pursuing writing on the side. He began his career in TV and radio, writing for “The Sid Caesar Show,” “Your Show of Shows,” “Henry Morgan Show,” and many others, and for personalities including Tallulah Bankhead, Phil Silvers, Jackie Gleason and Zero Mostel. On Broadway he made his debut contributing to the theatrical revues Lend an Ear (featuring Carol Channing) and Alive and Kicking. He wrote the screenplays of Enter Laughing and Fiddler on the Roof, for which he won the Screen Writers Guild Award. In 2008, he was inducted into the Theatre Hall of Fame.